Why Write a Plan?

A well thought out, researched plan will help you to:

  • Get focused, set goals and stay on track.

  • Understand your competition and determine why the customer should buy from you.

  • Discover who your most ideal customer is.

  • Develop a strategic marketing plan targeted to your ideal customer.

  • Determine your revenue potential and create a financial forecast.

  • Help to develop alliances in your industry with a heightened level of confidence.

  • Save time and money.

  • Obtain any necessary funding from your investor or your bank.


We offer: 

Strategic Business Plan Program

Our step- by- step program takes you through a discovery process to define you and your business, your brand, and review your products and services - from your customer's perspective. We delve into who your best customer is, and how you set yourself apart in the market.

Business Plan Review

When you need an objective set of eyes. We have reviewed hundreds of plans, across every industry.  We will red ink and recommend, from a fresh perspective. 


Our seasoned entrepreneurs facilitate workshops catered to the busy entrepreneur. Topics vary from Marketing a Small Business, Brainstorm for Solutions, Defining Your Ideal Client, Tapping into Your Creative Genius.

ACES Workshop discussing billable hours

ACES Workshop discussing billable hours

We know business planning

"I have mentored and coached hundreds of business owners through the business planning process. Even though every business company and leader is unique, I've learned there are common problems across all types of businesses. So often, a solution reveals itself over and over again . Having a cross section of skills in business is likely the greatest benefit I bring to our clients;  providing insights from an experiential, "fresh" perspective."