Whether you want a formal business plan for your bank or investor, or a road map to take you where you want to go, we can help with all of that.

Business plan structures haven't changed much over the years, but the process has, resulting in a richer experience, with better, cleaner, laser targeted results. 

The Why . . .

A well thought out, researched plan will help you to:

  • Get focused, set goals and stay on track
  • Understand your competition and determine why the customer should buy from you – your competitive advantage.
  • Know who your most ideal customer is.
  • Develop a strategic marketing plan targeted to your ideal customer.
  • Determine how much money your business is capable of generating over the next three years.
  • Help to develop alliances in your industry with a heightened level of confidence.
  • Save a huge amount of time and money.
  • Obtain any necessary funding from your investor or your bank.

We offer: 

Business Plan coaching

One-on-one  - step by step coaching program for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs in business for one to five years.

Business plan review

When you need an objective set of eyes. Eyes that have reviewed hundreds of plans, in every industry.  We will red ink and recommend, from a gentle, yet candid, fresh perspective.


Our seasoned entrepreneurs facilitate workshops that cater to the busy entrepreneur.

 We cover topics such as:   

• Three Easy Steps to Marketing  • Facebook Strategies & Content Calendar Creation  • Brainstorming Ideas with Your Team •  MLM Sales Training  •  How to Analyze your Competition

Shauna Madsen is a business and marketing whiz. From business planning to marketing strategies to copy writing, logo & marketing material design, I don’t know of anyone else who has this highly valuable cross-section of skills and talents. Working with Shauna is an education in how to do things right - the first time.
— Mary Lou Gutscher Business Accelerator: Business Coach, Consultant, Strategist and Facilitator; Speaker; Author & Mentor

We know business planning

I have mentored and coached hundreds of business owners through the business planning process since 2005. Even though every business and leader is unique, I've learned the commonality in problem areas and the solutions; this is likely my greatest asset as a business planning specialist.  I provide insights from an experiential, "fresh" perspective.

S. Madsen