3 Tips to Attract Your Ideal Client 


Like attracts like! We spend time with people who share common interests and values. 
When you can define what those interests and values are in your clients, you are at the starting line to attracting more of the same. You will have a better idea of how to position yourself.



Tip 1:  Select clients you love and write down all the qualities and characteristics about that person or business you currently know.  

B2C– What do they value? What do they do in their personal life? What music do they listen to?  What do they do for hobbies and recreation? What type of car do they drive, kids/no kids? What is important to them?
Now ask yourself, why do you love working with them? What do you get from your relationship, besides compensation? 
Are there any points about your relationship with them that rub you the wrong way? Write it down.
B2B– What is their culture? Why do you love them? What else do they purchase and from whom?  Who do you deal with in the business? If it’s the owner for example, ask yourself the same questions as above in the B2C. 
Chances are good that you don’t have all the answers, and you may be assuming a lot more than you should.  



Tip 2: The power of a survey or a questionnaire

The quality of your survey answers is dependent on the quality of your questions.
In 2013, we were hired to create a campaign for a Jiffy Lube store in Edmonton.  Reading through their client list, the only apparent similarity was the fact they had many repeat, loyal clients.  
I asked the owner, “ Why do you think these customers keep coming back?” 
He replied, “We are Jiffy Lube."
So we did a survey, provided a chance to win an iPad in exchange for the survey and received over 150 completed gold nuggets. Quality surveys are GOLD 🙂
On tabulation, the survey results returned two very important responses. Over 80% were repeats because they trusted the technicians. And, over 80% went to movies on a regular basis. 
With those two key responses, we developed a campaign around the trusted technicians, and Jiffy Lube ran an ad on the movie screen in the neighboring theatre.  We spoke to the client’s values and positioned the message where we knew they spent some of their recreational time, resulting in a very successful campaign.



How to Craft an Effective Survey

Before you craft each question, ask yourself: 
      What do I need to know?
     Why do I need to know it?
     Is the answer useful?
Ask a precise question, with one question at a time:   
     Do you take Vitamin D?
Don’task a double-barrelled question:  
     Do you use vitamins and other supplements?
Keep the questions relevant and short, and be sure they aren’t leading questions. Spinning a question in favour of what you want to hear is a waste of a good survey.
Put demographic questions at the end of the questionnaire. 
When asking sensitive questions like income level, or age, give them ranges to choose from. 
Test it on friends and family first. If something doesn’t quite fit, change it.
Keep the questionnaire as short as possible, no more than 12 questions. I consider that too many when I’m filling one out, so don’t send me one with more than 12 please. 😉
Time to tabulate the responses.  Look for similarities, and overlap. As in the Jiffy Lube story, we created a campaign from the top answers from the survey; the overlap came from the client’s values and interests.



Tip #3.  Assumptions are dangerous. 

If you catch yourself starting any sentence with:  I know people want this instead, or they can’t afford it, or I know they don’t want what I have, hit stop and ask yourself, where did this assumption come from?  Did “those people” tell you, or are you assuming it to be so.
Ask, don’t assume. You will love what you hear, they will tell you what you need to know and likely how to reach them. 
Next month’s article:  What is your differentiator? Your Secret Sauce?



PS. We hosted our first everBrainstorming Mastermind session on June 14th. Using four different brainstorming techniques, in the structure of a mastermind, ideas were bouncing off walls. These were some of the comments from attendees:
“Are we doing this again next week?”
“The best session ever, I have new insights in my business”
“Everyone should do this for their business”

Watch your emails for information on the next session!