🌷 Three Lessons from the Flower Counter 🌷


I was walking through the desert in Palm Springs last week, taking in the sun and beauty of a sparse landscape displayed in hues of brown. The only colour this landscape offered were occasional florals, in clusters of alstrameria and birds of paradise. Since we can’t grow these beauties here, my mind wandered back to the time when I owned my (unintentional) flower shop.

When I introduced flowers to our art gallery/ framing studio, the intention was to stop traffic on the busy avenue, encouraging neighbourhood residents to stop in, and look around at the art while their flowers were being prepared. This was a successful strategy, so successful in fact, our floral sales escalated, and I spent much of my time designing arrangements. 

Having an unexpected influx of customers may seem like a great problem to have, however, when sales increase in the lowest profit area of the business, there is a negative impact on the business.

Three lessons I learned from the flower counter:

1.     When the requests of a client reach beyond the scope of your plan, don’t say yes, and don’t say no. Give them an alternative, set up an alliance with another business and give them what they want in a way that keeps you on course.  Saying no to the things that don’t serve you and your business, gives you the time and resources to say yes to the things that build your business.

2.     Review your plan regularly. Understand what is working for you and what is not, in all areas of your business.

3.     Embrace change and pivot when something is no longer serving you.

We are now approaching the middle of March, closer and closer to when we see our own gardens spring to life, and our businesses reach the close of the first quarter of this new year ahead. Are you on track to meeting your first quarter goals?  Have you reviewed your plan lately? Do you need a plan?

If you would like to discuss any challenges you may be facing, you have resources in front of you –  just reach out and ask. If we can’t help, we know someone who can.

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