Who Really Cares? 🤔

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Who Really Cares?


What does your website say to your visitors? Does your home page invite people in, or try to sell them on how wonderful you are?

You are wonderful -  you know it, your current clients know it and your mother brags about you, but no one else cares about you until it affects them is some way. 

Those valuable seconds to grab someone’s attention had better be about them and not you, or you’ve lost them to the next click.

Writing succinct messages that grab your audience’s attention is not easy. It requires you to step outside of your own space, and into your client’s.


Attraction Versus Promotion


There are many self-development programs that have Attraction vs Promotion as a core value of the program.

Leadership consultant, Edwin H. Friedman said, “People can only hear you when they are moving toward you, and they are not likely to when your words are pursuing them”.

If all your ads are promotional, you are pursuing them. If your ads speak “feel good”, and contribute to your viewer’s day in some fashion, they will move toward you.

Whether you are writing copy for your website, writing blogs, or designing ads to run on Facebook, what are you saying?

Consider this also; when someone is on Facebook, what are they there for? An escape from that report they are writing? Catching up with friends? Chances are good, they are not there to be sold something.

If you appear in their newsfeed with a promotion, you become an interruption.

If you aren’t already doing this, consider designing your ads or posts to do one of these three things:

1.    Entertain

2.    Educate

3.    Inspire

Create a calendar of themes, and test various images, track the results and repeat the ones that gain traction.

Remember, we attract people when we come from a place of Authenticity.

Attraction versus Promotion is a long game. You need to be patient, consistent, persistent, and authentic. 

Happy Planning,

Shauna Madsen

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