5 Keys to Unlock the Heart of Your Business


🗝 Key 1. What is in it for them?

Operating a business is synonymous with being of service. The most successful businesses have a core value cemented in service and what they can do for their clients. I heard an entrepreneur say today, “I want 25 clients, that’s all I need and I’ll be good.   When we remember that the purpose of the business is to serve a need in the market, the emphasis is put back where it belongs; what can we do today to be of service to our customers?

🗝 Key 2.  Show them don’t tell them.

When I see a business card, or sign that states, “We provide quality Service” I want to giggle. What’s the alternative to that?  They would probably attract more attention if they said,

“Our service is getting better and better, thanks to your feedback”.

Consumers expect the best in quality, they assume they can trust you when you are running a business, and if you happen to go above and beyond, good for you, and good for them. You want them to brag about you. Do it, don’t say it.

🗝 Key 3.  What are you building from?

What values are important to you? When you build your business from the same set of values, you attract like-minded people, and customers that are like you. When you can articulate your values, you are one step closer to knowing your differentiator, regardless of your industry, and the number of competitors you have.

🗝 Key 4.  Share your authentic you.

Be yourself.   Long gone are the days of walking into a prospective client’s office and planting a bottle of scotch on their desk, hoping to create a connection, and a sale.  Business isn’t conducted like that any longer. If you read my last column, “Gossip from the Avenue”, I mentioned how gender biases and intimidation was used as a tool in some circles. 

Consumers want to do business with real people. Businesses want to work with genuine collaborators, and connectors. Authentic people get noticed.

🗝 Key 5. Love the shoes you’re in!

Do what you love, and love what you do. When we are consciously serving others by doing what we love, creativity flows freely, ideas present themselves along with opportunities, and we attract more of what we want.

Happy Valentine’s day,


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Shauna Madsen has been an entrepreneur since 1988. She is a business planning and marketing specialist, an author, artist and specialty framer. Since 2005, she has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs with their marketing strategies, business plans, as a coach, facilitator, mentor and designer.  She received international Gold and Platinum awards each year from 2011 to 2014 for creative excellence with the design and production of Womanition magazine. In 2017, she was honoured with the Womanition Supearlative Special Skills Award, and a Marcom International Gold award for the design and production of "Mentoring Women Leaders II", a compilation of stories by women in business, mentoring others to achieve success in business.