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Are you scared to be your authentic self?

Is it your authentic self that shows up, or do you hide behind an avatar you’ve created to protect the real you?  As a woman, how do you feel about your authentic sexual self?

The world is changing, and the #me too  movement is reshaping how we interact at work and in our businesses; thank goodness, I say.

I had a client in the mid 90’s who made sexual advances toward me every chance he had. I didn’t want to work with him, but at the time, I felt I had to put up with his bullshit because I needed the contract. Each time he booked a meeting, he seemed to only have time to meet during evening hours.  I made a point of having my sister or a friend along with me.  The discomfort soon outweighed the value of the contract and I mustered up the courage to fire him and let the contract go.

I was reminded of this story recently when I sat with Delain Witzaney from Lady Luck Studios, to talk about our authentic selves, the #me too movement and how women can take back their power.

“People are aligning with their souls”, explained Ms. Witzaney.  “When an abuse occurs, our sexuality is threatened, and when damaged, we lose a piece of ourselves. It is time to take back our power, and regain our own sexuality for ourselves, not anyone else.”

Delain is the founder of Lady Luck Studio, providing photography for weddings, and specializing in boudoir.

I asked her; “Why did you decide to specialize in Boudoir?

She smiled and responded with deep reverence, “I want women to feel sexy again.”

Every woman deserves to have beautiful portraits of themselves.
— Delain Witzaney
Lady Luck Studios

Lady Luck Studios

Lady Luck Studios

Lady Luck Studios

Lady Luck Studios

Lady Luck Studios

She went on to explain, “The boudoir experience is empowering for women, and many leave the session saying, that scared the shit out of me, and now that I’ve done it, I know I can do anything”. 

Boudoir is a powerful tool for change.

“These are not models, but throughout the session, they feel like a model. Every woman deserves to have beautiful portraits of themselves.”  “I film a video of each client getting ready for the shoot, working with professionals for their hair and makeup.   

Before they see their photos, I show them the video, and nine times out of ten, I hear them say,  “I am so beautiful”.

“That is why I do what I do.”

Delain Witzaney               780-231-7266   www.ladyluckstudios.com    

Delain Witzaney               780-231-7266




Our why is the driver behind our business, and when you meet Delain, you can feel her why, her authentic self is reflected in the work she does. I am excited to share this with you before Valentine’s Day; a shoot with Delain may be the best gift you can give yourself, or your partner.

If you are ready to reclaim or celebrate your sexuality, give Delain a call, you deserve to feel like a model, and to feel your authentic sexy self.

Shauna Madsen

Madsen Avenue works with clients to articulate their “why” and create a foundation for a strategic, authentic plan.  

Shauna Madsen 

Shauna Madsen 


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