What is the best way to attract and retain customers?

Marketing . . . communicating your most compelling value to your audience!

Regardless of the media you use to communicate your message, you need to have a targeted focus or else you are wasting time and valuable resources.

We can help you define your focus, analyze your target audience, audit your competition, and plan an integrated marketing and communications plan. But we also want to be with you during the implementation and measurement to answer any questions you may have along the way, make changes, and adapt the plan to your business’s needs.

A true marketing plan is a living document. It needs to be adaptive to the feedback from your clients, the industry, and your competition. This isn’t something that should be overwhelming. It should be fun! Give us a call and we’ll talk you through it.

Online and offline, we will help you create a marketing mix that makes sense.


Social Media Planning

Social Media needs to be a solid portion of your integrated marketing communications mix. This can take many forms including engaging with the interested community, monitoring your competition, and using the mediums to follow your target audience to ensure you are delivering the most powerful message to the most appropriate channels.

We want to work with you at your level of comfort and readiness to get you prepared to enter the world of social media. We offer three levels of planning:

  • Social Media review – We are your sounding board, investigative reporters, and creatives
  • Social Media Partnership – We work together, develop a plan, and help to implement tactics
  • Hands off Social Media Package – You are busy, so let us drive

Our Industry partners work with us to provide a full menu of Social Media engagement and management services and tools to get the job done.