What is your marketing strategy?

Your marketing strategy positions you and your brand as "one-of-a-kind" in your industry!

When you have a solid strategy you can put your stake in the ground and no other business can claim that space.  All of your marketing initiatives stem from your strategy. This saves you time, money, and streamlines your resources.

What is the best way to attract and retain customers?

Communicating your most compelling value to your audience, always  - and in all ways!

Your strategy refined in your marketing plan is timely and speaks to your audience long after a customer first becomes a customer.  When we understand the most effective marketing happens through customer service, we become a customer-centric business. 

How to create a marketing strategy.

We have a five step process to get you focused, define your "one-of-a-kind", and create a strategy unique to your business.  

We want to be with you before, and during the implementation to answer any questions you may have, help you pivot when necessary, and adapt your initiative to meet your objectives.

 This isn’t something that should be overwhelming. It should be fun! 

We will help you create a marketing mix that makes sense, both online and offline.

Social Media and You

Are you avoiding Social Media, or plugging along with little to no results?

The world is moving online and we can't really avoid it (nor should we!). Our customers are there, and social media should be a consideration in your marketing mix.  Let's see what works and what doesn't, based on your objectives. From the results of the five step strategy building process, we will help you create an online and offline mix in your marketing plan.

We offer three levels of Social media planning:

  • Social Media review – We are your sounding board, investigative reporters, and creatives

  • Social Media Partnership – We work together, develop a plan, and help to implement tactics

  • Hands off Social Media Package – You are busy, so let us drive

From creative development to social media management, our team consists of a strategist, designer, copy writer, social media manager, and SEO support from a Premier Google Partner, so you have the best online support, from start to smooth sailing.