We can’t see the picture when we are inside the frame.

What is your next act?

This program is designed for you, if you want different results in your marketing and fresh ideas for each area of your business, or you need clarity and direction.

Maybe you are new to business and not quite sure what to do next. We will walk you through step by step to create a strategic plan, before you sign the lease, or make costly decisions.

I have been teaching business planning techniques and marketing strategy to entrepreneurs since 2005. I am excited to bring my process online with Encore:CEO and provide you with a refreshingly creative approach.

I want to share perspectives you may never have considered. You can’t see the picture when you are the one in the frame, and I help you to see beyond your current circumstances and I share insights from more than 30 years of entrepreneurial experience. I’ve worked with hundreds of small and medium sized companies on their plans, marketing strategy and branding.

Join me for a full year of learning, discovering and sharing.

You will learn about a woman who lost her home when her business closed, because she didn’t have a plan. You will hear stories of success and failure that will make you pause and consider, what if?

When you finish your twelve modules and complete your plan, you become an Encore:Virtuoso. I can hardly wait, there is something special waiting for you when you complete Module 12 and finish your plan.