Five Steps to an Effective Marketing Strategy


Step One

In Module One you will create your foundation, starting with you! Your exercises will include:

Where you are now. Your personal values and how they relate to your business.  Your mission, vision and value statements – much more than décor for the boardroom wall

Step Four

In Module Four you will explore your audience or ideal client.  Who do you want to work with? Your ideal client is more than the person or company who has a problem that you can solve, you also want to be clear on who you really want to work with. Relationships work two ways and long term business relationships are no different than personal ones.


Step Two

In Module Two you will build on the foundation from Module One by identifying strengths and weaknesses in yourself as a leader as well your company and your team. This is an important step as you look to solutions to strengthen any weaknesses and get clear on what you bring to the table.


Step Five

In Module Five you will explore the landscape where your business operates.  A good look at  the competition often reveals opportunities that only you can fill, or perhaps there are collaborations waiting to be discovered. When you know your industry in terms of size, maturity, peripheral connections and seasonal patterns, opportunities and trends may reveal themselves. 




Step Three

In Module Three you will define the problem you solve for your customer?

Defining your products and/or services in terms of benefits and features will help to craft the language you use in your marketing materials, networking introductions and the content for your website to speak to your audience, which brings me to . . .  

Putting it into Action

This is the piece that many entrepreneurs attempt to answer before doing the groundwork.

An effective marketing strategy is the result of doing a deep dive into the first five steps.

The information you will choose the activities that make sense for you and your business. The first four exercises provide you with enough information to develop your messaging that speaks to your ideal audience, choose the channels to reach them and create a 90 day strategy for your marketing.  

Putting it into Action

What are your marketing action steps? We will provide you with the digital template to record your marketing activities, track your results and add budget to each activity.

As an added bonus, we offer a Marketing Plan review with recommendations and a one on one call for Encore:CEO’s at a special price.


As an Encore:CEO you will be invited to Monthly Mastermind townhall sessions, Brainstorming Webinars and provided a link to join our Private Facebook Group, and the first to hear about new products, events and special offers.

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