Why Encore:CEO?

Shauna Madsen is your instructor. She comes to Encore:CEO with decades of experience from working with business owners and startups on their planning, marketing and branding.

Shauna Madsen, Encore:CEO, Trainer

Shauna Madsen, Encore:CEO, Trainer

Inside the Modules:

Module One ~ Your Foundation

Module Two ~ Your Company, Your team, Your Vision

Module Three ~ Your Products and Services, What are you really selling? Pricing your Services 

Module Four~ Your Customer, Ideal that is! Assumptions are dangerous!

Module 5 ~ The magic of Research Players in Your Industry, some call them competition, not me.

Module 6 ~ Your Marketing Machine with Six in-depth Lessons

Module Seven~ What’s Under the Hood?

Module Eight~ Your Financial Plan

Module Nine~ What If scenerios are fun!

Module Ten ~ A plan without action is great fire starter.

Module Eleven~ Your One Page Plan

Module twelve~ You are now an Encore:Virtuoso, we have surprises for you! 


Do You Want to Work ON Your Business?

Devoting time to work on your business, opposed to in it is much easier with Encore:CEO, where you can work at your own pace, with guidance and support along the way.

Do You Want to Discover Your Differentiator?

Your business is as unique as you are. You can call it your “Differentiator”, USP (Unique Selling Proposition), or Your “Secret Sauce”. We give you the tools and walk you through the process to articulate what sets you apart from everyone else in your industry.

Are You Struggling to Identify Your Ideal Client?

When you are able to define who your ideal client is, your marketing costs go down, along with your stress level :)

Our step by step program reveals the truth behind target marketing, and why you should not do it (what ever “it” is) just because everyone else is doing it.

Do you want to create a strategic plan, or learn what that even is?

Excellent!! Strategic planning requires a little creative thinking, research, and understanding of what will work - specifically for you. We will help you create your marketing strategy and/or full business plan if that is your objective.

I say everyone needs a business plan, but the truth is, if you’ve been in business a while, you may only want a marketing plan. If you are new to business - you MUST have a plan. You increase your chance of success by over 80% if you know what steps to take.


So, Let’s get started!

You will have membership for a full year with instruction, support, material, online workshops and you can work through the modules at your own pace, hit replay as many times as you’d like.


  • A full year of membership 

  • 12 step by step learning modules (check out the list on the left)

  • Video & written instruction

  • Downloadable workbooks

  • Resource library

  • Online brainstorming & mentoring workshops 

  • Exclusive Facebook Group

  • VIP invitation to upcoming mini courses

  • One on one mentor call

Learn to:

  • Set yourself apart & express your remarkable

  • Identify your ideal client

  • Create a marketing strategy unique to you and your business

  • Write a full business plan for funding

  • Gain clarity & direction

  • Increase your creativity and enhance your problem solving skills

Classes begin on April 22nd