What’s Inside the Program?

First of all, you will have 12 modules that work through every area of your business:

Module One ~ Your Foundation

Module Two ~ Your Company, Your team, Your Vision

Module Three ~ Your Products and Services, What are you really selling? Pricing your Services 

Module Four~ Your Customer, Ideal that is! Assumptions are dangerous!

Module Five ~ The magic of Research Players in Your Industry, some call them competition, not me.

Module Six ~ Your Marketing Machine with Six in-depth Lessons

Module Seven~ What’s Under the Hood?

Module Eight~ Your Financial Plan

Module Nine~ What If scenerios are fun!

Module Ten ~ A plan without action is great fire starter.

Module Eleven~ Your One Page Plan

Module twelve~ You are now an Encore:Virtuoso, we have surprises for you! 

You will have access to all material, videos, workshops, and Facebook Group for a full year, and beyond if you choose to remain active in the Encore:CEO community.

In addition to the core program you receive . . .

  • A full year of membership 

  • Video & written instruction

  • Downloadable workbooks

  • Resource library

  • Online brainstorming & mentoring workshops 

  • Exclusive Facebook Group

  • VIP invitation to upcoming mini courses

  • One on one mentor call