Entrepreneur life is exciting after the age of 50, or following a career in the corporate world. The decisions we make for our businesses at the Encore level of our life require smart decisions, based on facts.  Assumptions are poison to startups.

Never in history has there been as much competition as there is today.  EncoreCEO's know their differentiator, they've done the research. They know what they need to charge for their products and services. They understand "perceived value", and learned to identify their ideal clients so they can target their marketing resources to those who want what they have to offer.

Starting your entrepreneurial journey on a solid footing begins with a step. If you'd like to learn more, with no obligation at all, just a willingness to read the occasional emails, sign up below.  

Encore:CEO will launch on April 22.


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What made you decide to become an entrepreneur?
You've had an idea for a while and want to prove whether the idea is viable, or needs some tweaking.
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You are retiring and want to dance to the beat of your own drum
You love the idea of being your own boss
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