What is your marketing strategy?


Your marketing strategy positions you and your brand as "one-of-a-kind" in your industry!


When you have a solid strategy you can put your stake in the ground and no other business can claim that space.  All of your marketing initiatives stem from your strategy. This saves you time, money, and streamlines your resources.


What is the best way to attract and retain customers?

Communicating your most compelling value to your audience, always  - and in all ways!

Your strategy refined in your marketing plan is timely and speaks to your audience long after a customer first becomes a customer.  When we understand the most effective marketing happens through customer service, we become a customer-centric business. 


We have a five step process to get you focused, define your "one-of-a-kind", and create a strategy unique to your business.  

At Encore Business Academy is your online learning portal for entrepreneurs. You will learn from the same steps used by large marketing firms to get you to a stagey the works for you and your business.

We walk you through exercises to gain clarity from where you are, what problem you solve for your customer, who your ideal client is, how to reach them and how to develop a strategy that makes sense.

Keeping it SIMPLE is key to clarity and focus.