How’s our planner different?

It takes your big thinking and helps you turn it into actionable steps:

  • Track your goals, to keep your efforts focused

  • Set up 90 Day action plans, to better shape your To-Do lists

  • Create quarterly marketing plans - align ~ budget ~ measure

  • Reviews your month at glance, so you never miss an event or meeting

  • Narrows down to a week at a glance for the nitty gritty planning

  • Daily journaling for those ideas that have a tendency to take flight

  • Offers a perpetual design (undated) that allows you to start planning *now! No need to wait until 2020. Get working on your last quarter of 2019 right away!

  • Lies flat for ease of use, feels good, looks great in a comfortable 6”X9” format

My Creative Planner

The ultimate planner for entrepreneurs who want to be more creative!

The Pen is Mightier than the Keyboard

7 Really Great Benefits to writing vs digital *

  1. Stimulates and engages both sides of your brain

  2. Increases focus and concentration

  3. Calms the body and the nerves

  4. Slows mental aging

  5. Increased problem solving

  6. Unleashes creativity

  7. My Creative Planner makes you think, assess, imagine, create!!

Designed for entrepreneurs to take big goals and breaks them into 90 day action steps and weekly tasks; the very same way we approach the business planning process.

In the spirit of creativity, we’ve also included Brainstorming and Reflection pages in order to give you time to pause, consider your next steps, but also generate new ideas and direction!


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