Branding is in Everything You Do

Branding is in everything you do

Last week, we posted a question on the Madsen Avenue Facebook  page asking the community what thoughts come to mind when they hear the term “branding”. The engaging audience was mostly split between the visual aspects of a brand, and the feelings the brand evoke. Branding is a tricky business. It is common for people to associate brand solely with graphic design, colours, and logos. But as a good portion of the FB community stated, branding goes much deeper than that.

Let’s assume you have a logo that you love, company colours that tickle all your fancies, and a slogan straight out of Mad Men. Now take all of that pure gold and apply it to a website that is a complete disaster. It’s littered with poor quality videos, has spelling and grammatical errors, broken links, is difficult to read… you get the idea. We’ve all seen websites like this.

I don’t care how pretty your logo is, or how catchy your slogan is, if the main point of contact with your company is a complete nightmare to navigate, your brand is going to be perceived as poor quality. This now reflects on the quality of work you do, it doesn’t matter that you are not a web designer! If you are not willing to put the work and effort into your best communication tool, how can you be trusted to put work and effort into the services you are trying to sell me?

Your brand can also be affected by the people you associate yourself with. If you are outsourcing certain aspects of your business to help with efficiencies, that’s awesome! But please vet the people you are considering for these jobs. One misspelled name, incorrect event detail, poorly written article, rude encounter with a staff member and your brand is taking a serious hit. By hiring people to help you run your business, ensure that you are putting this power into good hands.

 If you are unsure of your brand, or the perception of your brand, and would like a second opinion, contact us! We’d love to give you that fresh perspective.

Erika Nakatsui is a writer and communications consultant

Erika Nakatsui, MA

Erika is a professional writer and communications consultant. With a strong public relations and journalistic background, Erika knows how to garner positive attention at the same time as building relationships with media. Her artistic talents and savvy business sense create an important mix when fresh ideas are needed.

Erika’s dedication to learning has earned her a diploma in public relations, a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in marketing), and a Master of Arts in Communications and Technology. She provides a wealth of knowledge, thoughtful direction and intuitive insight with all of her projects. Erika’s passion for social causes grounds us in our values, reminding us - we are all connected.