Madsen Avenue is a creative hub, helping small business find their place in the market and express to their customers how wonderful they are.






Shauna Madsen, Encore CEO & Trainer

Shauna Madsen is a business start-up consultant and coach, and an award-winning graphic designer, with more than 30 years of experience. As a born and raised Edmontonian, Shauna has been fortunate to be a part of the Edmonton business community for decades, helping countless local companies build and advance their own success.

Shauna’s extensive and varied portfolio is a testament to her passion for coaching and consulting entrepreneurs on marketing, branding, and planning. After years of teaching classes on business planning, she felt she could reach more people through an online format. This realization sparked Encore CEO.

Business isn’t Shauna’s only passion! She is an accomplished artist, specializing in the acrylic medium, and a rockstar grandma, specializing in tag and hide-and-seek.  

Erika Nakatsui, MA

Erika is a professional writer and communications consultant. With a strong public relations and journalistic background, Erika knows how to garner positive attention at the same time as building relationships with media. Her artistic talents and savvy business sense create an important mix when fresh ideas are needed.

Erika’s dedication to learning has earned her a diploma in public relations, a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in marketing), and a Master of Arts in Communications and Technology. She provides a wealth of knowledge, thoughtful direction and intuitive insight with all of her projects. Erika’s passion for social causes grounds us in our values, reminding us - we are all connected.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to support business owners and provide them with a fresh perspective that will help them foster their passion and create success.

Our Vision:

We at Madsen Avenue are trusted advisors to people in all stages of the entrepreneurial journey. People come to us when they feel stuck and need a creative sounding board. We energize our clients with a fresh perspective, inciting new ideas and possibilities.

We are passionate about helping people turn their dreams into thriving businesses and have built a community of Encore: CEOs across the country.

Our Core Values:

 ·     We value creativity

·      We value relationships

·      We value quality

·      We value community (giving back and paying it forward)

·      We value entrepreneurs (as they make the world a better place)


What our clients say about our journey together:

“ So much I appreciate about Shauna.

Shauna's enthusiasm and smile are contagious. She is easy to work with and a professional in every way. Shauna helped me dig a little deeper into my business and as a result refocused my energy, efforts and business investment. My business and I are more efficient today because of Shauna's expertise.”

Graham Ogden, Real Estate Professional


“ I have to tell you Shauna, your work has impressed me from day one. You helped place my Womanition Magazine in the spotlight for many years winning international gold and platinum awards for outstanding graphic design, layout and for special edition uniqueness. I've called you a genius many times because of your brilliant mind. I love your ideas and current knowledge about business planning and feasibility. I know your future is bright and I want to be a part of it.”
- Dorothy Briggs, Womanition Magazine


"One of the great attributes Shauna has as a Communication Specialist is her ability to listen. This comes about because she has a sincere desire to understand. Thanks Shauna! Hope to work with you again!" 

Bonnie Hoffman, Licensed Funeral Provider/Educator


"Shauna is a straight forward teacher/coach who stays focused on the subject and keeps the ball rolling with her knowledge and creativity!"

Tania Jorgensen, Solebeautiful Shoe & Purse Spa