Madsen Avenue is a creative hub, helping small business find their place in the market and express to their customers how wonderful they are.

What our clients get out of our journey together.

Our clients examine their business, who they serve, the products and services they offer, company and personal objectives, and the competition; we explore the landscape of today's market to create an action plan to put the business in front of their ideal clients.

We work with them or we do if for them. We also help to brand businesses or projects. One of the big ones, an adult community in Kelowna, BC.  From property naming, to logo, selecting the street names, home names, colours, writing content for the website and all marketing materials. That was a fun - full 360 degree project.


Did you know . . . 

  • Marketing, communications and customer service live in the same house.
  • Planning a business is like painting a landscape; there are techniques when used in sequence, have the potential to create a masterpiece. 
  • Only 10% of the population is visual. If you want to make an impact, don't tell them, show them!
  • The smartest thing a small business can do is, play to your strengths and hire for your weaknesses.


We believe entrepreneurs make the world a better place. We believe accountability, integrity and authenticity are foundational values that move business in the right direction; and we strive to lead by example.

Our Mission is to create opportunities for growth!
— Shauna Madsen
Yup, I won these for creative excellence for magazine & book design  :) 

Yup, I won these for creative excellence for magazine & book design  :) 

Owner and Operator, Shauna Madsen






What others say

"One of the great attributes Shauna has as a Communication Specialist is her ability to listen. This comes about because she has a sincere desire to understand. Thanks Shauna! Hope to work with you again!" 

Bonnie Hoffman, Licensed Funeral Provider/Educator

Bonnie Hoffmann

"Shauna is a straight forward teacher/coach who stays focused on the subject and keeps the ball rolling with her knowledge and creativity!"

Tania Jorgensen, Solebeautiful Shoe & Purse Spa

"Shauna Madsen is one of the most creative people I have ever met. . ." 

Dorothy Briggs, Womanition Magazine

Shauna Madsen – Creative Director of all things Business

For me, self employment is a lifestyle; it is not a job, nor is it a career. A lot of cool things have happened in 30 years of steering my own ship. I have started seven businesses since 1988.  For each of those, I began with a blank canvas, researched every area, identified a need, developed processes, and procedures, set systems in place, and created products and services to sell.  My mentor calls me a developer & initiator. My coach calls me "Jill of all trades and a master of many".  I love my mentor and my coach.

I am driven by helping entrepreneurs grow, learn, explore and discover what sets them apart.  

Erika Nakatsui – Marketing and Communications Specialist

With a strong public relations and journalistic background, Erika knows how to garner positive attention at the same time as building relationships with media. Her artistic talents and savvy business sense create an important mix when fresh ideas are needed.

Erika is working on her Masters in Communications and Technology while growing her family.  She stands in as a consultant on many projects, providing insight, ideas and direction.  Erika’s passion for social causes provides immense value to Madsen Avenue.

INDUSTRY Partners - Collaborators

We love our network of geniuses. 

WOMANITION - DOROTHY BRIGGS - Dorothy Briggs is a connector & master networker. She has built the five pillars of Womanition, supporting women in business across the province. The five pillars consist of; Womanition Magazine, Mentorship program, BizBrigade, SuPEARLative Awards, and five monthly network groups in Edmonton and Calgary. 

POWERHOUSE PRINT SOLUTIONS -  Nothing beats working with a professional who can take care of all of our customers printing needs. She cares as much about our customers as we do. When you hand over the files to Alex for printing, it doesn't matter how large the project is, she will deliver the best, at the best price available.

MACRI PHOTOGRAPHY  - Rocco Macri is a seasoned photographer, with the wonderful mix of talent, dedication, and personality, plus he knows his Italian restaurants.

CUMBY INSURANCE- Patti-Lou Cumby is a commercial insurance broker, educator and speaker. Her service is second to no other insurance provider. She take the time to ensure you completely understand your policies, even if your policy is with a different company.

QUANTZ LAW - Dayna Quantz specializes in real estate law, wills and estates and when it comes to business law, her partners are well versed in all areas. 

STACEY BERGER - Certified Life Mastery Consultant.  Learn how to master every area of your life. One on One coaching and group coaching options.