What do you and 2018 have going on?  


Do You have a Strategic Plan for 2018?

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Goal Setting for 2018

What sets you apart from the competition?

Your 2018 Marketing Strategy

What's your plan?

Where are you going?  What is your competition up to these days? Where will you be in three years; where do you want to be?


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marketing & social

Is the thought of Facebook advertising taking up too much mental energy? Planning a campaign, not sure where to begin?


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1st impressions

Does your marketing material look like 2017, 2001, 1997, or . . . yikes! 

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Thank you Shauna for giving me the baby steps to grow my company without being over-whelmed. You gave me a new perspective – the business perspective: Who is my ideal client & how do I benefit their lives; How do I layout my newsletters so they are read & include a clear call to action; What is my competition doing and what can I learn from them. Shauna also knows the importance of life balance and from our first meeting and my first assignment – what’s important to me to live the life of my dreams. She broke it down into all areas, family/home/finances/business and we always refer back to that goal, making sure my whole life is in balance.

I love what I do and now that I have clear direction, I’m enjoying my business – Thank You Shauna!
— Lil Lezarre Tender Loving Cups 780-504-1512