Madsen Avenue is a creative hub with decades of experience. We work with passionate business people who want to learn how to create a strategic plan to start or grow their business.  

We offer an avenue to define what sets you and your business apart from others in your industry; a strategy to reach your ideal clients, and we give you tools to elevate your brand so it speaks to your audience. We teach you how to look at your business and the market from a new perspective.

What do you want to accomplish?

Are you new to business and need guidance? We can help with every step, from registering to launching. Is your idea feasible? Let's find out before you sign that lease. 

Do you want a new perspective on your business?

Would you like to discover and define what sets you apart?  After all, its difficult to see the picture, when you are the one in the frame.

You are unique. Strive to be different.

What is the first impression your audience feels when they see your website and business card, or hear you speak at a network event?  Is it time for a refreshingly creative approach to your brand?

My Creative Planner

$3.00 from each sale will be donated to Shoeboxes of Love

A Happy Planner - Deborah Kurach, CEO & President - Verve Salon & Spa

A Happy Planner - Deborah Kurach, CEO & President - Verve Salon & Spa

Get organized, track results, be productive, plan your best year yet !

We are excited to announce that we are releasing  My Creative Planner: The ultimate planner for entrepreneurs!

My Creative Planner will take all of your daily scheduling needs and include space to plan, measure, and revise the progress of your business! 

My Creative Planner is designed from years of working with Entrepreneurs on their planning, marketing and branding. Designed for the entrepreneur, My Creative Planner takes big goals and breaks them into 90 day action steps and weekly tasks; the very same way we approach the business planning process.

We are so passionate about planning and want to be a part of your company’s success.   Take advantage of our pre-order offer. 

My Creative Planner is a living working document.  By adding a marketing plan to each quarter, the planner offers a reminder to review, budget, measure, and revise your marketing efforts.

In the spirit of creativity, we’ve also included Brainstorming and Reflection pages in order to give you time to pause, consider your next steps, but also generate new ideas and directions!

How’s our planner different? It takes your big thinking and helps you turn it into actionable steps:

  • Track your goals, to keep your efforts focused

  • Set up 90 Day action plans, to better shape your To-Do lists

  • Create quarterly marketing plans - align ~ budget ~ measure

  • Reviews your month at glance, so you never miss an event or meeting

  • Narrows down to a week at a glance for the nitty gritty planning

  • Daily journaling for those ideas that have a tendency to take flight

  • Offers a perpetual design (undated) that allows you to start planning *now! No need to wait until 2020. Get working on your last quarter of 2019 right away!

  • Lies flat for ease of use, feels good, looks great in a comfortable 6”X9” format


GST and a shipping flat fee of $3.50 will be added at checkout. Proud Canadian Currency!

Designed by Planners ~ Produced in Canada



E-Learning for Entrepreneurs

Learn How to:

  • Create a strategic action plan

  • Choose the right company structure

  • Define your ideal client

  • Distinguish your differentiator & add value to your branding

  • Write a one page plan or a full business plan

  • Craft an effective survey

  • Research your industry

  • Create financial projections and sales forecasts


Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective.

Book a complimentary 1/2 hour strategy call, let’s talk about your next act!

Developed for:

~ Entreprenuers

~ Solo-preneurs

~ New Business Venture Seekers

Unsure of your next steps?

Would you love clarity & direction?

Confirmation whether your idea is feasible?

Next Enrolment is October 22nd

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Membership gives you:

~ 12 step by step planning modules with workbooks

~ Resource Library of “How to’s that include:

  • How to Build Your Foundation

  • How to Price your Services

  • Research Tool Made Easy

  • Choose the Right Company Structure

  • Branding Archetypes

  • and so many more resources

~ Monthly Town Hall Webinars & Workshops

~ Exclusive Facebook Group

~ One on one mentor call

Shauna Madsen is an experienced marketing executive with an excellent grasp of strategy, communications, branding and sales. She can competently prepare and implement marketing plans that achieve results. Her skills include the ability to train, motivate and manage a marketing team.
— Larry Anderson, President & CEO ManCap Group