What do you and 2018 have going on?  

If you haven't figured it out yet, attend this workshop,and you will be set for the year ahead.

Do You Want a Strategic Plan for you and your business?

Attend One full day each week for 8 weeks, starting Sept. 11

we will cover:

•          Goal Setting for 2018

•          Benefits and Features of what you sell

•          Defining Your Ideal Customer

•          Competition & Collaboration

•          What sets you apart from the competition?

•          Your 2018 Marketing Strategy

•          Your Budget for 2018

•          Promotions Schedule

•          Your 2018 Action Plan

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What's your plan?

Where are you going?  What is your competition up to these days? Where will you be in three years; where do you want to be?


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marketing & social

Is the thought of Facebook advertising taking up too much mental energy? Planning a campaign, not sure where to begin?


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1st impressions

Does your marketing material look like 2017, 2001, 1997, or . . . yikes! 

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Thank you Shauna for giving me the baby steps to grow my company without being over-whelmed. You gave me a new perspective – the business perspective: Who is my ideal client & how do I benefit their lives; How do I layout my newsletters so they are read & include a clear call to action; What is my competition doing and what can I learn from them. Shauna also knows the importance of life balance and from our first meeting and my first assignment – what’s important to me to live the life of my dreams. She broke it down into all areas, family/home/finances/business and we always refer back to that goal, making sure my whole life is in balance.

I love what I do and now that I have clear direction, I’m enjoying my business – Thank You Shauna!
— Lil Lezarre Tender Loving Cups 780-504-1512